Ahora Dejarla en paz:

By all means,

Shatt3er the poor thing into a thousand pieces. Right! ‘Cause that is all she is. A thing.

Lets ring her out like a wet cloth! twisting n twisting all the bloody love out of such a young, honest, innocent being.

Lets all just stare and mock her very being. By all mean don’t let something that! Damn Fine, shine like the sun. Let us all pluck every grey feather from this ugly duckling. So she is not able to Sway like the glowing potential she can be.


Why not, leave this beat up soul be? Why keep trampling over this broken body? Why can’t you leave this jaunting bundle of exuberance be..

Why can’t your eyes just watch her lovely smile warm the room, start a fire in your human character..?

Why can’t you let this petite, blooming, Wonder fight her way through the storm.

By all means,

Please feel free to leave her be

in peace.

Leave me to Flaunt, gambol, romp and revel to my own beat.

Entonces Basta ya!

Tend to your personal trials and tribulations.

Dejarla Ser! Su propio persona. 

Dejarla glorificar en su propia cancion.



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