cooing Melodies, Tender hands~

You, my gentleman, are one of a kind, something that at times seems so unreal. You my gentleman with kind, sweet eyes, gleaming at me. Hushing me to sleep. You my gentleman are one of a kind. Your strong body up against mine, with tender hands wrapped around my stomach, keeping me warm. Morphed together under the starry cool night, Listening to the frogs and crickets hum, so soft and sweet.

The way the sun kissed the earth goodnight, the way I felt that night. The way you carry me softly over to the car and lay me down, for the long drive home. My eyes peek open with you smiling at me, making my heart chuckle. Your eyes winking, making me tremble with absent warmth.

My mind whispers the sacred, committed, eight letters:

‘I love you’

My sweet, lovely gentleman.

With sparkling eyes, a curious smile, a tender heart.

A voice of utter peace

You are a wonderful gentleman to me.



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